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Welcome to the Japan Bible Institute

We are primarily an “English” Bible College reaching Africa, Asia, and the World. Sometimes our local outreach encourages English-speaking Japanese to study here. Our goal is to spread the True Gospel of Jesus Christ and help those in His service.

This is where you will find rich life-changing, motivating truths that will guide you into finding heartfelt answers to many of life’s unanswered questions and keys for direction, guidance, motivation, and assurance in these uncertain times that we all face. We have personally found God’s Word (The Holy Bible) to be totally reliable and an endless well of total sustenance for inner inspiration and victorious well-being. The Bible is something that we have found we can rely on throughout “all life’s” changing circumstances.

The Japan Bible Institute is an Online Correspondence School. We have no offline facilities or campuses. The Study Materials are in PDF format which can be printed from any printer and we will help you with questions via email. We will conduct some Seminars from time to time and will be happy to notify you of these through our weekly ezine. (Newsletter)

We are here to help empower independent Christian ministers in Japan and around the globe with the tools and backing they need to reach lost souls for Christ. We are here to help you with the challenges you face in preaching the Gospel and want to supply the ministry credentials you need to do the Job.

May God Bless You as you begin the Leap of Faith into Greater Knowledge of our Lord and His Word and Serious Preparation for  Service in His Kingdom.

Dr. Ken Kovach

The Japan Bible Institute

The Bible Courses available from the Japan Bible Institute are similar and in many cases the same used in many 2‾3 year Bible Colleges. They are non-denomination by definition but we will strive to offer additional points of view to give the student a choice in their personal beliefs. Although each student has his divine given right to his beliefs on certain issues we all serve One Lord and are made to Partake of One Spirit and Love is greater than these differences. We at Japan Bible Institute encourage loving interactions in the body of Christ so that we can all together unite to win the World for Jesus!

We have full confidence that you will receive a well-balanced Bible Education at Japan Bible Institute that will enable you to go into the Christian Ministry of your choice and we will help assist you if it is within our capabilities. But as mentioned earlier, it is our hope, joy, and reward that each student will graduate with greater joy, knowledge, faith in the Lord, and dependence on His Word.

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Other existing ministries will be added soon.

Only about 5% of ministers in major cities have Doctor Degrees—but it’s rapidly increasing.

If you receive a Doctorate from The Japan Bible Institute, you have a legitimate right to use the title in your public life either before or after your name, such as Dr. Joe Smith, Joe Smith, DTh., or Rev. Dr. Joe Smith. You are honestly and ethically entitled to use your title on your business cards, letterhead, brochures, phone book, road signs, and “Public Service Announcements” in the newspapers if you so choose.

It’s only reasonable and proper for others to address and introduce you as “Doctor so and so…” Your degree will often win you instant respect from most dignified people.  It means you have spent hundreds of hours studying hundreds of Bible verses and answering hundreds of questions correctly!



Over 2,000 colleges and universities in the U.S.A. customarily award academic credits and/or degrees based solely upon:

1)Transfer of credits from other schools (Free)

2) Documented life/work learning experiences (2 Pages)

3) Writing a thesis and/or Dissertation (Your Testimony of Service)

4) Basically we need to papers, 1) Academic 2) Learning experiences.

                 – without any coursework whatsoever!

These schools of higher education appropriately grant “advanced standing” upon satisfactory evaluation of a student’s previous study and life/work learning.

The Japan Bible Institute is happy to do the same in order that you may join many others across the nation in attaining your degree goals in record time and saving a lot of money. This widespread practice is based upon the simple premise that a person should get credit for what they already know.

Learning doesn’t take place just in a cubicle or only from courses. One can acquire great spiritual insights without ever setting foot on a college campus. In fact, most of what you know came to you outside a formal classroom setting. The whole world is your university, and everything you see, hear, or do can be an educational experience.

Jesus showed that all life is a seminary and the Holy Spirit is our Instructor. The best-learned lessons are intertwined in our daily walk with the Lord. Granting credit for life work is founded upon the old proverb, “Experience is the best teacher”. You can learn more about preaching by preaching, than from sitting around with an outdated text on homiletics. The idea of on-the-job-training used to be called an apprenticeship.

Therefore, our approach to higher education is that if you have acquired Biblical knowledge and ministerial skills, you’re entitled to receive credit for it. It’s not necessary to retrace foundational doctrinal teaching, which you already know. If you qualify for advanced status, you can skip one, two, or even three levels of our courses.

When you receive a degree for your past study and life work, it is not considered an HONORARY degree, but an EARNED degree!


Decide the degree that you would like to apply for and if you have your Academic and work Experience Resumes ready please send those in as well.

We will get back to you as soon as possible but it may take up to 2 days just incase we are out involved in Ministry.

We would also like to suggest that you download and read the school catalog for complete information about all of the courses and degrees.

Thank you, we will be in contact with you soon.

The Japan Bible Institute

School Catalog    School Cataloge