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Free Degrees

In the past we tried to offer truely free degrees for Diploma completion, but the quality was low and some folks would use a zerox machine and try to use them to get college credits and we would get nasty letters from those colleges. So we discontinued. You still recieved the course but not the degree. So we wanted to try something new. The course will be the same “Harvestine” and it will equal a Bachelors Degree of your choice.

Basically we will print everything out Degree Certificate and Transcripts then scan them to give you the highest quality

This will include 1. Degree 2. Transcripts 3. Explination letter explaing why this is scanned and that the Japanese mailing system isn’t mailing everywhere yet due to Covid. And after Covid they have discontinued mailing to certian countries.

These will be in pdf format for better printing. Some are even now requesting Scanned copiies for higher Degrees to save on postage prices and they are easier to take care of in war torn situations. You have this option.

Regarding the Batchelors Degree. These will also look great on nice thick printing paper. Due to the time and materials being used there will be a charge.We were asking $150 to cover costs and time. If you want the Degree and Transcripts mailed to you we will give you a special price of $200.

Your choices in Bachelors Degrees, Graduation date is September 15th, (You Choose the year.)

Name on degree, Title on Degree. Degrees are self graded. (Grade average)

B.B.S. =Bachelor of Bible Subjects  

B.M.T. =Bachelor of Marriage Therapy

B.C.C. =Bachelor of Christian Counseling  

B. Min. =Bachelor of Ministry

B.B.C. =Bachelor of Biblical Counseling  

B.P.C. =Bachelor of Pastoral Counseling

B.C. =Bachelor or Christology                

B. Evan. =Bachelor of Evangelism

B.M.P. =Bachelor of Messianic Prophecy  

Th. B. =Bachelor of Theology

B.Y. Min=Bachelor of Youth Ministries              

B.D. =Bachelor of Divinity

Dowload course hereFree Course